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Cannes is world-famous for its Film Festival and its luxury boutiques (Louis Vuitton Cannes, Channel Cannes, Dior...), but that's all there is to it! Cannes has a lot to offer visitors: art exhibitions, peaceful places to admire beautiful views, beautiful beaches and gastronomic venues. Check out our ideas for themed tours in the most chic city in the French Riviera.Réserver taxi cannes

For exemple, The Lérins islands are a group of four Mediterranean islands off the French Riviera, at Cannes Cannes, the two largest islands in this group are Île Sainte-Marguerite and Île Saint-Honorat. The smaller Îlot Saint-Ferréol and Îlot de la Tradelière are uninhabited. From an administrative point of view, the islands belong to the commune of Cannes.

The island of Saint-Honorat bears the name of the founder of the monastery of Lérins, Saint Honoratus. It was founded around the year 410.

It was in this monastery that Saint Porcarius lived and was probably killed during an invasion.

by the Saracens. According to tradition, St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, studied there in the 5th century.

Un monastère fortifié a été construit entre le XIe et le XIVe siècle. En 1047, les îles ont été attaquées par des pirates musulmans andalous. La communauté monastique vit aujourd’hui dans un monastère construit au XIXe siècle. L’île Sainte-Marguerite abritait une forteresse où The iron mask was held captive for a long time.

The twin islands can only be reached by a sea shuttle from Cannes. That's good timing, we suggest you to be driven to the right port!

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